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Our Chocolates |About Dorinda

Dorinda's Famous Homemade Chocolate Covered Cherries are our signature product. Dorinda has been making chocolate covered cherries for her family and friends since she was twelve years old. Gradually perfecting the recipe, Dorinda has created a delicious, mouthwatering treat! These cherries are not your average, run-of-the-mill cordial cherries, but ones that will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more.




Our chocolates are made to give a little indulgence to one's life. All of our chocolates are made in house by hand.

The “Chocolate Covered Cherries” are hand rolled, then hand dipped with the finest belgian chocolate in the world.




Dorinda, also known to some as the Duchess of Chocolate, is a mother of 4 boys. She homeschooled her sons until they reached high school, and when her last two sons were in 7th and 8th grade, Dorinda decided to pursue her dream and love for chocolate. She became a professional Chocolatier. Since the age of 12, Dorinda has been making her famous chocolate covered cherries. After studying and learning the science behind chocolate at E’cole Chocolat, a chocolate making program, and gaining experience in hands-on courses at Berry Callebaut, a chocolate academy in Chicago, Dorinda continues to hone her skills today. Dorinda has also received numerous awards. Upon receiving her first and most meaningful award, “Best Most Original taste” for her sea salt caramels, Dorinda realized that she had a taste for combining ingredients to create a decadent flavor.

Dorinda’s youngest sons, Dustin and Austin, helped her every step of the way. At the time, Dustin's favorite color was green, and Austin's was purple, so these became the colors of Dorinda's Chocolates. The boys spent endless hours helping her roll, dip, and box cherries. Dorinda wanted Dustin and Austin to feel they were a part of the business. To this day (5 years later) both sons still help with the business. Dustin, who currently studies business at UNR, also works with Dorinda 30-40 hours a week making masterpieces, packaging, maintaining the website, and shipping orders out nationally.

At Dorinda’s, only whole, fresh ingredients are ever used. Dorinda feels she makes chocolate that people can really enjoy and eat. People like quality chocolate, nuts, caramels—real flavors. It is always fun to try a lavender or Matcha tea truffle, but how many of those can one actually eat? Dorinda makes chocolates that can be enjoyed, such as a lemon truffle, which is made with real lemon juice. You can taste the freshness, the lemon, without preservatives or an artificial taste leftover in your mouth. Every piece of Dorinda’s chocolates tantalizes the taste buds, leaving you craving more.

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To Indulgence!
Dorinda Vance
Chief Chocolate Officer



Dorinda's Chocolates - hand dipped chocolate covered cherries
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